"Joanne has been been my Yorkie's day care mummy for six years. She puts my
dog's needs first and that is exactly what I want. She never misses a day
even during the big snow storms in 2010 she made it to pick him up. Joanne
knows everything there is to know about dogs and Mojo loves her. He meets
her at the door in the mornings and drags her off to her van. I can
recommend Joanne to anyone who wants a reliable and knowledgable doggie day
care service"
Laurika Bretherton, Mojo's mummy

"We both work and needed a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable dog day care service at a price we could afford in London. Joanne Cooper and Fetch have surpassed our expectations and have helped us through the teething troubles of two livewire puppies with hints and tips on training,feeding and maintaining a semblance of control. Using a professional dog day care service has helped give us two well socialised dogs who feel safe and secure with Joanne and the bonus for us is 100% reliability. "

Gary & Jo Witham owners of Jake and Ghillie


"I first found out about Joanne five years ago, she was recommended to me through a client . It is the single best recommendation I have ever had ! Both of my dogs are completely obsessed with her , which is fantastic as I know when I go away they are just as happy to be with her as they are with me . On the odd occasion I see her on the common at the weekend I have to put my Ridgeback on the lead when it is time to move on , as he wants to stay with Joanne and "party" with the other dogs… This proves to me just how wonderful she is with the dogs when the owners aren't around , especially as my Japanese Spitz is not the type to bond with anyone but my husband & I . But is quite happy to go with Joanne without a backward glance. She has helped me so much over the years with her unbelievable knowledge and understanding of dogs , she always knows what to do whatever the situation . I have been lucky enough to join Joanne on the occasional dog walk through the week , so from a client perspective I have to say that I can not think of a better place for my boys to be ! They are walked on average two to two and a half hours a day , in the most stunning environment just outside of London . My Ridgeback , who is designed to run without stopping for thirty miles comes home and generally sleeps until dinner time then sleeps again until the next morning! I wouldn't leave my dogs with anyone else , she is the best"

Clair Newbury - Owner of Alfie & Shaka Japanese spitz & Ridgeback

"We had never owned a dog before we got Stanley.  As my husband and I both work full time, we needed a reliable solution to Stanley being left alone in the house all day.  We spoke with several companies who all specialised in day care for dogs and Joanne Cooper was by far, the most helpful.  We're just so lucky that she was able to have him.  We have a tremendous amount of peace of mind when we leave him with her - we know that he is being very well looked after and that he is receiving the exercise and the attention he needs to thrive and continue to be healthy and happy dog.  She is incredibly reliable and provides both email and telephone feedback.  This helps us to understand what Stanley needs from us.  I would recommend Joanne very highly." 
  Shannon Rudberg Wimbledon Park